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This Book is Terrific I recommend it to all my patients who are working through these kinds of issues.
--Bernard B. Kahan, M.D. Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
This is one of the best books I have read on this sensitive topic of maternal narcissism! I dealt with this abuse most of my life. Diane Metcalf’s book was honestly a balm to my soul. Chock full of research, with her personal experience and professional knowledge, she takes you on an educational and experiential journey into the heart of the problem. She details narcissism, boundaries, C-PTSD, codependency, trauma, gas-lighting, attachment issues and more in this well written book. If you have wounds from mom, or a significant caregiver, this book is for you.
--Anita Oommen, Best Selling Author
A Brilliantly Written Book This book addresses a unique trauma. It provided the psychological antidote I have wanted for a long time. Diane Metcalf writes with confidence and clarity and her compassionate voice will be a soothing balm for many broken and hurting hearts.
--Romuald Dzemo, TheBookCommentary.com